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Hsioa-yen chi Discover Yourself

The story is about Buttercup, a grizzly bear, who does not have confidence to be himself. He uses various paints to cover who he really is and attempts to be like others. Although it is easy to mimic others' appearance, Buttercup's unique personality and traits always expose who he really is, which makes him more insecure and unconfident. At the end, Buttercup is able to appreciate his uniqueness and find his strengths with his parents' help. To help your children build up confidence and find their identity, we recommend that you highlight that it is easy to copy others' appearance, but not individual strengths and personality, when you are reading the story with your children. We also encourage parents to help children find their true interests by offering diverse opportunities without setting any premises or assumptions because what children are capable of can always surprise us. Let's create an environment of all possibilities for our children and be an open-minded observer to patiently grow up with them.

 Hsiao-Yen Chi My Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels love to play with children and watch them grow. They warm one's heart and fill it with joy. Their most important mission is to make sure that kids grow happily, healthily, and get lots of love from their parents. The book contains some flip-book elements that kids can interact with, perfect for age 3 to 6. It's a warm-hearted story, full of imagination, and its goal is to build up the child's sense of independence and a sense of growing up. The last page of the book is a space for them to draw out a picture of their own guardian angel, a space for them to exercise their imagination.

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