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volotot beach scene sandcastle play with buckets



To draw a cheerful emotional response using design to communicate love and happiness to all ages. 

VOLOTOT develops products and graphics that synthesize the values of education, design, and growth for children.  We are located in San Francisco, amongst the creative wealth of the city's SOMA district and the inspiring vistas of the famous Embarcadero.  Our philosophy is that iconic design exists as a result of aesthetics and function working in tandem.  Visual refinement comes from the application of an artistic eye, logical principle, and human values.


Our product line works in an interrelated manner and maintains a playful characteristic. This complementary nature echoes one of our core ideas of connection: to draw a cheerful emotional response using design to communicate love and happiness to all ages. 


Lightyears beyond the furthest reaches of our Milky Way Galaxy, a society of beings are exploring the universe on an icy comet.  These creatures, childlike in appearance with wide eyes & full-faced smiles, are known as the Tots.  Quaint yet cute, they have evolved massive eyes to see in the darkness of space.  The comet is a fragment of their homeworld of Volotot and has become their interstellar vessel. The Tot species possess technology advanced enough to direct the space rock wherever they please to journey. They have a strong sense of community within their society; values of sharing and interconnection are paramount to the Tots  These traits have only been strengthened with their transition from planet-dwelling individuals to space-faring comet riders.  The Tot beings wish to spread this positive message, for they can see the light even in the deepest black of the universe.


The Tots from Volotot are a curious sort.  They love to learn, and especially love to learn together.  By traveling in outer space they can make discoveries about other beings in the universe.  The Tots are diligent in their observations, absorbing and sharing information to improve themselves and help to improve others along the way!

volotot interchangeable products threaded wall pin with elephant hook
Each product works in conjunction with one another, allowing for a myriad of layout possibilities. 
volotot simplicity bird clip for hanging drawings and art
Aesthetic design reduced to purity of form & ease of use.
volotot personalization fully customize your wallspace
Customize the products to your liking. Make wallspace truly your own.
volotot urbio history modular magnetic vertical wall planter
A modular, magnetic, vertical
wall organization system. 
volotot urbio urban gardening and small space storage for plants and accessories spark award winner 2011
Provides a dependable solution for urban gardening and small-space storage.  Winner of the Spark Award Competition in 2011.
volotot a persistent vine hsaio-yen chi childrens book moonbeam award winner
Hsaio-Yen Chi
An award-winning artist (2013 Moonbeam Children's Book Award) who focuses on children’s book illustration. Her creative
style encompasses both the traditional
and digital realms.
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