May 5, 2016

Volotot aims to produce genuine & well-crafted products for children that will positively influence their development. Our process stems from an ideative journey from pencil & paper to production & packaging.



The creation of ideas at Volotot starts off with sketches; we are not concerned with how pretty they look, rather, we intend to blossom fun and functional things.



Next we select our favorite concepts and delve into more detail about their purpose. Using CAD, paper mockups, 3D printers and a keen eye, we visualize what these products could look like.



We at Volotot proto...

May 4, 2016

Each product works in conjunction with one another, allowing for a myriad of layout possibilities. Customize the products to your liking.  Make wallspace truly your own.  

Aesthetic design reduced to purity of form & ease of use.









May 3, 2016

Here we have a collection of creatures to help put your wall space in order.  Taking the shape of a cute ocean equine, this elegant side-oriented hook holds fast to your wall accessories.  Add an aquatic flair to home organization with Seapono, or pair with Tronco and Simio to have a veritable circus on your wallspace.  Hanging steadfastly from one arm, our monkey friend holds onto your accessories with ease. This fun primate pal will be sure to add character to your wall organization.  Arrange multiple Simios in sequence to have a full troop of chimps that will keep your space tidy.







May 3, 2016


These clever creatures will hold onto your drawings & photos as they post up on their favorite cable perch.  Clip in whatever configuration you please.  Arrange them horizontally, or get creative with it and add some vertical and diagonal cables.  These avian organizers can also be combined with their rodent friend squirrel clips.  Hold your notes, art, and photos.  Use multiple Cable Critters to hang larger pieces of paper.  Hold your notes, art, and photos. Use multiple Cable Critters to hang larger pieces of paper. 


November 10, 2015


This marsupial mat is a multipurpose product, with usage as a personal playmat for children as well as a wall-mounted bag for storage.  Throw toys into its pouch and it will keep them safe and sound.  Hang the Kangamat on its upper paws using two of our Wall Pins.


November 10, 2015

Reach for the sky!  Inspire your children during their growth spurts with our Nimbus measuring stick. They will truly feel like they are towering into the stratosphere as they document their height progress. 

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