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Our Design Process

Volotot aims to produce genuine & well-crafted products for children that will positively influence their development. Our process stems from an ideative journey from pencil & paper to production & packaging.


The creation of ideas at Volotot starts off with sketches; we are not concerned with how pretty they look, rather, we intend to blossom fun and functional things.


Next we select our favorite concepts and delve into more detail about their purpose. Using CAD, paper mockups, 3D printers and a keen eye, we visualize what these products could look like.


We at Volotot prototype in-house as well as overseas, depending on what manufacturing techniques & materials are necessary. Utilizing eco-friendly processes and materials are important to us.


The decision to include a product in our collection results after we have made the final finishing touches on our prototypes. Volotot items are tested and honestly critiqued as to whether or not they will be a meaningful, educational, and aesthetically appealing product for your interior space and a great interactive experience for your child.

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